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Elephants are the only mammal that cannot jump, though they are the leaders when in their habitat and when they say jump, the only thing you can question is… “How high?”.
When I first visited the Democratic Republic of Congo around 2001, I met with an advisor to the President and an elephant story was expressed to me. During that week, back in the US there were so many stories about these young American boys joining gangs and the violence that came with it. The advisor stated that the young children of America are acting just like the young elephants going out on a rampage. He continued, “Bring back the adult elephants and their behaviors will change immediately”.
Family is the most important ingredient to teaching younger children how to become great adults! When left alone to teach themselves, if little time was spent planting moral seeds, they will become followers of the element and until a leader with old values steps back into their wonderful lives, they’ll run aimlessly….


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